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Shoes & Vanilla Cheesecakes?

Headphones & Bananas? Lampshades & Tyres? Branding a company with two, polar opposite sub-brands is no easy feat. But we gave it a crack. Welcome to Venture Petrol & Pet Feed. 

The icon is built from illustrated pets – a dog and a cat. The modern style kept both drawings very simple, no unnecessary detail – with the focus solely on the beautiful outline shapes, with simple but accurate colour choices. Centred between the house pets, is a drip of oil. 

Admittedly this is a bizarre icon, but one that captures the light hearted nature of the company. Purposeful, strong typography means the title can stand alone, with the opportunity to expand the illustration style for any brand roll out on collateral. 

All in all, such a fun project! Thank you Venture Petrol & Pet Feed. 

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