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Social Media Toolkit

Creating recognisable and connected set of graphic templates for many of our client's social media presence has become a standard part of the client service suite. Engaging audience's visually and building up brand awareness through everyday digital platforms. 

Social media advertising revenue reached $51.3 billion USD for 2018. Now your everyday Instagram user; the scrolling zombie, the fanatical flicker; may not see the value in such advertising. However this is an expanding industry, with revenue set to grow a whopping 10.5% annually. That's mahooosive. 

A regular, interesting and light bit of creative shenanigans for the team at TPS is the social media template toolkit build (as we like to call it.) Adapting a brand's visual language for the 1080x1080 boundaries of Instagram can be tricky, but is a welcome bit of problem solving. An issue we often find is overwhelming disparity across a company's social; yesterday's post could be found on an "I-LUV-DOGS" page, whereas today's post is an indepth analysis of commodites trading on the stock market. OK, we're exaggerating but you catch our drift. 

The following images are from the social feeds of - a kitchen, bedroom & bathroom showroom, an architect firm, an impact fund strategy campaigning to end plastic waste, a university centre and an IP Law firm (that's right, we get around). 

We dream of a world where every Instagram advert is stunning.

Thankyou to Bauformat Interiors, PF+A, Stratton Street's Blue Ocean Bond Fund, GTA and Spoor & Fisher.

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