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We believe that intelligent
creative thinking
organisations and
individuals to grow.

(We also like making things look nice)

We grow ideas. 01

Potting Shed uses intelligent creative thinking to help add value to and grow our clients' businesses.

We evolve constantly. 02

The only thing that is certain is that everything will change: standing still isn’t an option. We explore, adapt, and evolve in order to stay ahead.

We evolve constantly

We plan ahead. 03

Nobody can predict the future, but through careful planning, you can ensure that you are ready for the new challenges and opportunities that it will bring.

We recruit intelligence. 04

Great creatives, designers and developers can create beautiful and engaging communications; intelligent ones can change the world.

We nurture excellence. 05

Our team are the lifeblood of Potting Shed. We ensure that they are supported, valued and encouraged to learn and develop their skills.

We collaborate fearlessly. 06

Every relationship with every client is a partnership; we work alongside them to make their goals a reality and help them to grow their businesses.

We add value. 07

Whatever the task, no matter whether it’s big or small, we bring our experience and expertise to that project and strive to deliver the best possible solution.

We champion clients. 08

We are lucky enough to work with gifted, dedicated and committed clients. They offer us insight into their business; our job is to tell the world.

We champion clients

We challenge respectfully. 09

Our clients work with us because of our knowledge, experience and expertise. When required, we challenge their assumptions to improve the project.

We craft solutions. 10

Beautiful creative work only goes so far. To deliver something that really engages you need to add some blood, sweat and tears.

People we work with