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Rocquaine Pirates

A Pirate's Life!

Some have said that we are "excitable" and can go a little "OTT" which is entirely untrue. When local club Rocquaine Pirates approached us for sponsorship, we started with some basic questions. "Do you have your own colours?" "Have you thought about a new badge?" "What about a song?" "Can we create a 7ft golden parrot with an eye patch and sword that shoots flames as the mascot?". We were only getting started.

Rocquaine Pirates are a local football team affiliated with Sylvans SC. In 1913 a team was established by the name Roquaine United and commonly known as "The Pirates", the team was short-lived as the first world war brought island sporting events to a standstill. 

The club at St Peter's was reborn as Sylvans until recently when a change in league systems allowed multiple teams to be entered from each club and the Rocquaine Pirates were reborn! 

The brief was to give the team its own identity as they have been playing under the sylvans name and badge, with a recent league promotion now felt like the perfect time to take this step. 

The focal point is a team badge that respects the parent club Sylvans using the keys of St. Peter (used in Sylvans own logo), finds it's own identity and fortune in the intelligence, positive energy and self-confidence of the pirates most famous companion the parrot, honors the original 1913 Rocquaine United and points to the bay of Rocquaine by referencing the "cup and saucer" and nautical navigation. maybe we went a little OTT, we're not sorry.

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