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Wellbeing Works: Connecting Company Culture

Potting Shed has been lucky enough to work alongside Julian Box and the Calligo brand for nearly 7 years and witnessed its incredible success and growth. So when he and Carl Howarth approached us for our next challenge we were chomping at the bit.

What’s more it just so happened to be concerning a topic dear to our hearts, wellbeing and company culture. The narrative surrounding mental health and wellness is hugely palatable and one that seems to be resonating with all of us. To that end Julian and the Vybbe team have spent months testing and developing an internal web platform and app that addresses the relationship between working and wellbeing. 

With lengthy UX testing and tweaking the product came into refinement in January 2019 and into beta. With numerous businesses now utilising the app to good effect, it is with great pride that The Potting Shed can now also reveal our involvement with our branding and digital work.

The product quantifies and qualifies the human connections within organisations, allowing individuals to rate their wellbeing using a very simple emoji scale. Individuals can also anonymously rate their wellbeing association with others within an organisation, all with the outcome of being able to use the data to monitor the overall wellbeing of the firm, its teams and the individuals. It is an incredibly powerful tool and one that is already gaining huge ground swell globally.

Our job was to represent the positive nature of the app in a dynamic and approachable way. The intelligent logo mark plays on the embrace of humans connecting whilst also alluding to an unhappy and happy emoji mark. Those very emoji's are also two of the options within the app therein extending and committing to the brand language. 

We have developed off and online material and continue to work with the Vybbe team to further the positive narrative surrounding this innovative digital platform. 

It's been a joy to work with Julian and his team and embrace design that allowed us to flex our brand muscle but within an incredibly poignant topic to the studio. We are excited to continue our journey with Vybbe and delve into the amazing global data that will come from this.

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