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Le Gallais

Le Gallais LeGacy

It’s not everyday you are invited to rebrand a company with nearly 200 years in business but that was the brief for Le Gallais Estate Agents. With such an established and successful history, these briefs prove to be some of our biggest challenges.

As with all projects, we undertook in-depth research of their ‘Why’, in the first instance, to help inform our strategy and direction. In this phase our 2 key outcomes were to help define the appetite for change and the degree to which we could affect that appetite.

It was unquestionable that all results pointed to a larger step change. It was incredibly important that we honoured that rich history whilst making Le Gallais relevant to today’s market. In Jersey's busy arena we made sure we presented their history and deep rooted value propositions whilst modernising them.

At every point we represent their open and welcoming attitudes balanced with a sophistication and professionalism that runs at the core of the firm. Their icon conveys this with an open door in a simple geometric organisation, simultaneously presenting their ‘L’ and ‘G’ from the heritage in their name.

Copy written with purpose, their key messages allude to their core values and integrity, presenting true hard working Estate Agents at every touch point. A true honour and joy to work on.

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