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Info-Animation: Bringing data to life.

So exactly how DO you explain the concept of quantitive easing or government pension structures in an appealing visual manner that is easy to understand. This is the problem that we are regularly confronted with when clients come to us to create animated infographics. While often a highly complicated business or product, a brief that on first glance could seem quite dry, we relish the challenge of delivering an engaging animation that not only informs and entertains but is also on brand.

The first video here is a bit of a mash-up of moments from a variety of info-animations we have produced in the past couple of years. The remaining videos are a few of the more recent projects we have been working on (Stratton Street, Sanne & States of Jersey Pensions). Each presented their own unique challenges. Primarily any such project is driven by understanding so stage one is breaking down the story and refining a script that carries the right tone of voice to engage the viewer. From this we then create a storyboard which we can start to lay the bones of the skeleton of the animation. We can then work with the client to edit this to an approved stage so we can get rolling with the animation itself. 

Whether we are building this in C4D or After Effects or even stop frame animation, every nuance is finessed until, along with sound design and voiceover artists, it's all brought together to create the final piece.

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