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Shed Sessions: Ed Prow

What does the Potting Shed mean to you? 

Potting Shed is my work baby, Eli my real one. It really is a business I have nurtured and helped build and which I care deeply about. I see it as in one instance the brand, the digital studio it clearly is, but secondly, I see it as our creative and entrepreneurial platform to launch all sorts of purposeful stuff.

Why bother running a Creative agency?

The rogue in me wants to say "don’t" but in truth, it is deeply fulfilling, colourful in so many ways, and allows you to challenge yourself and everyone and everything else. 

What does an average workday look like for you?

I don't think a day can be defined as average. I am probably guilty of doing my best to choreograph various and diverse days as much as I can so average would not feature descriptively. If there were any rhythms it was constant creative headspace, be it in meeting people or ideating. In amongst all of that, there is some adminning… yawn. 

You are a full-blown Jersey dweller these days, how did that happen and what do you love most about the island?

Feels odd saying ’these days’, as it has been nine years and next I become a full-on Bean/Toad/Crapaud or whatever the native species is. Jersey is home as is Guernsey, I am a little ‘fence-sitty’ when it comes to the difference, but it works well for me. For every reason Guernsey is great Jersey isn’t and vice versa; they are both super in their own wonderfully nuanced ways. Jersey nine years ago came about from the local demand here for The Shed’s work and I was the logical choice to come, being on the Board, the youngest, etc. The thing I love the most is probably the space - inner island and coastal… that physical space does free the mind. 

What the heck is TEKEX?

What the HECKEX is TEKEX? It’s my response to the problem of entrepreneurs' connectivity to fundraising and the lack of a local environment for that. What started as a few people in a pub discussing how hard it is to access investment for your business, is now 180 in a WhatsApp group, 500 on email, 22 events including the head of the US Navy speaking, 8 companies fundraised, and a very vibrant future… is where it's at. 

Which petty hill are you willing to die on?

The ordering (by Brits mainly) of 'panini' when they order only one panino.

How can creativity change the world?

I will definitely evangelise about this. We have a habit of sticking creativity in some sort of art box… perhaps this echoes school or does it echo adult life projecting that down? Either way, it does not matter where or what we all do, creativity has its role. Maths, engineering, STEM - all require creativity. So the short answer is: in every conceivable way. 

If you were curating a single mix CD to have in your car for the rest of your life, what tracks would be on it and what would it be called?

Oh shit - tough. Forevermore would ultimately mean ruining tunes I loved. So I would have to choose sounds that I could bear on repeat. Fuck it - will stop analysing and just put my favourite tracks which is what you’re asking for:

Bloc Party - Blue Light
Stand By Me - Ben E. King
Remind Me - High Contrast
Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli
Anything Bowie
Roni Size, Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag
No Surprises - Radiohead

Name of album: The Stink

Now that you spend most of your working week 'off the tools', how do you scratch your creative itch?

Mental ideas that hopefully break rules responsibly. 

What inspires you the most?

Ah, I am trying not to go to the obvious, but it is too hard not to… so Eli, my 20-month old son. He represents everything as to why - my wife, my family, and why I want to make a difference. 

How would you like to leave your mark on the world?

I guess in positive response to mental health. is the start of that. 

If you could create a hybrid animal, which two would you combine and what would it be called?

Duck and Orangutan. Duckutan.

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Author Luke Vidamour