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Shed Sessions: Matthias Genetzke

Interviewed by RJ Allen, 16th June 2021

Whilst Marketing and Design these days are heavily interlinked (and often confused for each other), the two sit in wholly different areas. As a symbiotic relationship - both rely on one another to fulfil their true potential, but a laser focused, distinct skill set is needed for each to fully succeed. 

At Potting Shed, Design has always been our bag, but our new hire gives us a newly energised confidence in the Digital Marketing arena. Enter Big M - our new Digital Marketing Manager.

Instead of wasting any more time butchering his introduction, I'm just going to hand over to the (medium-height) man himself.

So Big M, firstly can you tell me why we call you Big M? 

This is all down to a bad joke during the Interview stage, when going on about how to pronounce my first name (it’s 'MAT-tea-ahs’ btw)... I did not expect for it to stick though. Lesson learnt! 

As a new born shedder - can you tell us a bit about who you are, what you do, and what makes you happy? 

Sure thing. Born and raised in Germany I travelled/worked in some of the most interesting places on earth – Vancouver, Honolulu, St Peter Port - you name it. The latter is where I met my now wife. We have since settled in Jersey and produced one beautiful offspring – my daughter Maya. 

My Role here at Potting Shed is Digital Marketing Manager. And it’s the combination of analytics, problem solving (both of which I am passionate about), and the ability to help others that make the position so appealing to me. Outside of Potting Shed I enjoy spending quality time with the fam, a bit of DIY, gardening and all things ocean related. 

Marketing is defined as the activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. What is your definition? 

Exactly that. Although it really is so much more. Marketing is also a great way to reach and engage with your clients or customers, and help solve their problems. I believe that, if a relationship is built on that, it becomes so much stronger and meaningful. 

List the following; one thing you hate, one thing that scares you, and one thing that makes you cackle. 

Hate - Slow drivers (if that was you this morning, I still haven’t forgiven you!) 

Scared - AI (We’ve all seen the Terminator movies, right?)

Cackle – Family Guy ("I may be an idiot, but there's one thing I'm not sir, and that is an idiot." 😂) 

What are you learning right now? 

Marketing. With all the major platforms, their features and so best practises constantly evolving it really is a case of “Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards”, meaning that learning never ends. 

I believe you have lived in both Guernsey and Jersey Big M. Which one tops the rankings for you? 

You are correct, and it’s Jersey every time (sorry, not sorry)! 

If you were a stone in a wall, which one would you be? 

The keystone, most definitely 😉 

How can creativity change the world? 

Creativity is like a river, always leading us to bigger waters. So if we let it, even a small creative project might open a whole new world of possibilities. 

Best of all - it can return us to the innocence of our childhood, providing a break from all our adult responsibilities. Back then we were all free and had fun without worrying about what other people thought. Imagine living in a world like that again – only as gown-ups! 

If you had to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life - which would it be? 

Fusion. Best of many worlds (ha!). 

If you had to pick 3 historical or famous people to be permanently part of your entourage, who gets the nod? 

I’d go with David Attenborough, Anthony Bourdain & Harrison Ford. 

What was the last bit of news you heard, that filled you with joy? 

That would have to be NASA’s Mars landing earlier this year, and Ingenuity’s first flight. The engineering and execution of all that is just so cool (and a taste of what humanity could achieve if we all worked towards the same goals). What a time to be alive! 

What inspires you?

The two most beautiful, kind and loving people I’ve ever known – my wife & daughter. 

Finally, if you were a cheese - which one would you be and why? 

Brie-lliant question (sorry)! Although I’m definitely a bit of a curd nerd I’d go with the classic – young Cheddar. Immature, versatile and a bit pale… 

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Want more of Big M's cheesy puns? Get in touch (he can also help with your Marketing).

Author Gareth Rowson