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Real Recommendations | 06

Some golden recommendations from our Studio Director, Nat has painstakingly picked a sweep of genres from creative to crime to freshen up your weekend.


The Teacher

Katerina Diamond

A pretty gruesome and shocking crime thriller. This is the first of a series and even through to the latest book, I have been left guessing at every turn. Some great character building and lots of unexpected twists. Not one for bedtime reading though.

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Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

Fearne does a great job at holding really open and honest conversations and they are sure to provide a bit of inspiration to your day. As a big fan of After Life, check it out on Netflix if you haven’t already, an episode with Ricky Gervais provides a bit of straight talking that I love.

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Yossi Ghinsberg

Daniel Radcliffe plays the role of a traveller looking for adventure who ends up lost in the Amazon for 17 days. An incredible story demonstrating the human will to survive and the battles on the way. Well worth a watch.

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Abstract : The Art of Design

Jonathan Hoefler : Typeface Design

Every single thing we read, every single letter, has been thought about and crafted by hand. Ever thought about that? I have a great appreciation of typography and typeface design and this episode from one of the World’s great typeface designers, Jonathan Hoefler is a must watch. If you don’t have an appreciation of type now you will do after this. And I think that’s something everyone could benefit from. Be sure to check out the whole series for a beautiful, satisfying and inspiring watch.

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In Search of Greatness

Gabe Polsky

Hearing from some of the World’s great athletes, this documentary explores what it was that made them great. Creativity and sport coming together to highlight how space for unstructured learning and development is key. Passion drives greatness. I would particularly recommend this if you have mini humans in your life, with a sporting desire or not. What shines through more than disciplined training, and even raw talent, is the basic love of what they do. I certainly finished ready to go and enjoy my next run more than ever.

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The Sea


An old one but great memories and summer vibes. Chillout playlists are my go to while working from home, here’s my current favourite.

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Author Gareth Rowson