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How No.5: We Nurture Excellence

What makes Potting Shed tick? At the heart of this is our Why but for us to get to that we have to understand our How. How do we what we do and how it drives us?

How No: 5: We Nurture Excellence

Our team are the lifeblood of Potting Shed. We ensure that they are supported, valued and encouraged to learn and develop their skills.

Statistics* suggest most people have (or still do) work for people they don’t like. They either felt undervalued or treated badly enough to look for another job. This is a big deal to us! 

We are committed to nurturing excellence and seeing individuals become the best they can possibly be. Our regular staff 121’s allow open dialogues in the studio outside of official appraisals. Beyond the at-hand tools for the job, we provide access to a huge amount of training resources, software and creative assets to keep our team inspired and inventive. We encourage staff to use our stock libraries and software for personal projects and to continually learn relevant and new skills. The creative team regularly attends creative conferences in Dublin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Chicago and Birmingham. 

Why are we spilling our guts like this? We believe investing in the creative hearts of our team is fundamental, and something we always make time and money available for. It inevitably improves their lives, our studio, and your business. Structure wise, we have levels of management just to keep unnecessary communications and meetings at a minimum - but are super open and transparent (as you can see). We share stuff with out team that most business wouldn’t - simply because we trust our people.

*”Employees join companies but leave managers.” A Gallup poll of more 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the No.1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself.

Author Al Mitchell