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Real Recommendations | 05

Our Jersey MD Ed Prow has a list of favourites for us to devour. Some old, some new, there's a range of good stuff for you.


This Thing of Darkness

Harry Thompson

The story told of the Captain Charles Darwin’s expedition Ship. Whilst a bit of a tome and there is alot of detail this ‘other perespective’ of the adventure is fascinating. This often overlooked approach to ‘events’, to me is a wonderful way of experiencing things differently. Excellent.

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Stuff You Should Know

Josh and Chuck, two US based writers discuss and debate popular culture, science and out right nonsense, and the chemistry is palatable. When comedy and intelligence collide it makes for great listening.

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Wes Anderson

Quite simply one of the most perfect pieces of cinema in my humble opinion. For me, that can be said of any of Wes Anderson’s work. Convention does not sit in Anderson’s lexicon and in Life Aquatic he tests our sensory and narrative experiences in every frame whilst currating a masterpiece of a story.

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Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker

Dystopia runs thick in all of Charlie Brooker’s work and in some ways he has some predictive skill in his story telling. Generally focused on the dark aspects of technology he picks his way through the deep seated human psyche and our response to the digital age. Chillingly awesome.

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Dark Days

Marc Singer

As the title suggests, don’t expect anything light hearted here. A truly remarkable and candid exspoure of New York’s underbelly. It depicts the lives of homeless in the Subways of the city, unveiling this unthinkable world in which they live.

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Run the Jewels

Not a lot needs to be said here, just listen. I have found listening to this filthy hip hop act is what gets me through Coivd-19 supermarket trips. Class lyricism and dirty beats.

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Author Gareth Rowson