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Guernsey Post

Victoria and Albert making their stamp 200 years on

A postage stamp issue is always a tricky one (We should know, we have done enough of them!). Especially when it's a royal issue for a monarch who died over 100 years ago.

As Victoria's reign spanned the very early days of photography the resources available were always going to be limited but we needed to create a set of stamps that were not only beautiful individually but also worked as a set. So black and white became the focus, more specifically lit subjects on very dark backgrounds, which creates the cohesion we were looking for.

We also wanted to create a set that showed Victoria and Albert both individually but also as a couple. The set was bookended by the beautifully rendered plaster busts of both protagonists which, offset by the white and metallic bespoke monogram, lend the set a classic timeless feel. 

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