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Guernsey Post

The Little Chapel Stamps

The Little Chapel is one of Guernsey's most iconic tourist attractions, so turning this work of art into a 100th anniversary stamp set lent heavily on the visual intricacies it already has to offer.

Fortunate enough to commence shooting while the surroundings were seasonally lush, the photography focuses on the four key perspectives visitors encounter, revealing the architectural variance and incredible attention to detail Brother Déodat began in 1914.

With more macro views of the mosaics of broken china providing further insight, the design of the stamps themselves includes small details that carry through the vibrance, colour and character of the church.

While a desire for foils and fluros may not have come to pass, the stylised stamp and suite of collateral speak to the honour of undertaking such a project, with its local and historical significance enduring the test of time.

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