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Red Restaurants

Exceedingly well Red

About 18 months ago Dave Matheson (aka Red) was in the UK on his way back from San Sebastien when he received a phone call informing him that his eponymous restaurant was on fire. On his return Red found that the damage was every bit as bad as he feared and the building was, to all intents and purposes, totally gutted. Through Dave and his team's blood sweat and toil Red has risen from the ashes and is now preparing itself to re-open.

Although never something he would have wished to happen the fire presented Red with a clean slate and a chance to refine every detail and craft something far more bespoke than its first incarnation. Having designed and implemented the brand the first time around Red came to us for a new twist on the identity. Gone is the cow hide, deep reds, greys, bovine motifs and grill house / bistro aesthetic. In its place is a bright and vibrant colour palette and an eclectic menagerie of tropical animals and 50s style cabaret imagery in the bar upstairs. The screen-printed style links the old to the new and retains the sense of a carefully crafted and unique product. 

Red is now a Guernsey institution and it's so good that you could probably do without any of the work you see here and just write the menu out in biro on a piece of grotty A4 and the restaurant would still be booked solid for weeks but Red truly understands the importance of well crafted creative and how it elevates the dining experience. Good luck Mr Matheson, hopefully you can fit us in sometime!

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