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The Office of the Data Protection Authority

Informing a safer digital world

The Office of Data Protection pioneers Guernsey’s understanding and appreciation of all things data-related. In a digital world, with increasing scrutiny around privacy and protection - The Office of the Data Protection Authority is now the local regulator protecting us from the ever-changing digital era.

Often in design, an understanding of what not to do can be just as indicative of what to do. Google the word ‘data’ and the image results are digi-spew; imagine the visual offspring of Microsoft Word clip art & The Matrix movie poster. After sidestepping that rabbit hole, we found refuge in the world of Information Design. Where all things are colour-coded, ordered and every fact & figure elegantly articulated through clever design.

A running theme of shapes and patterns weave through all collateral - building up a visual language for use across any medium. These represent not just the multitude of the content found in data protection, but also the rich knowledge provided by the Authority and the everyday people it affects - you and me. It bends and twists to encapsulate the variety that comes naturally to our world; our online presence, and the people behind the screen.

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