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The Golf Club

The Golf Club at St Pierre Park Branding

Three new brands from The Potting Shed, and all in one amazing venue bringing golf to the many and not to the exclusive few.

The new golf complex at St Pierre Park opened the other day and looks set to be a hit throughout the summer and beyond. The re-branded main course has now been joined by an all new adventure golf course, Pirate Bay, and a fantastic new restaurant called 19. The Potting Shed designed all three of these brands and helped implement them, designing everything from menus to mascots. The goal was to design three very distinct stand alone brands.

The Pirate Bay brand was all about embracing cliché. This is a course designed for the child in all of us so fun had to be at the heart of it. The main logotype was created with a suite of characters and illustrations that can be used as the brand language grows and progresses. 

The restaurant 19 was about creating a stand alone venue that, although it benefits from the footfall of the course, has (apart from the name) no golfing references within the brand or the interior; a place you can go at any time whether golf is on the agenda or not. The brief was to create an industrial, bold identity.

The parent brand of The Golf Club was designed to set it apart from traditional stuffy notions of other institutions, making it inclusive and welcoming and doing away with any sense of exclusivity in order to attract a wider public demographic. A vibrant and flexible brand with a genuine sense of play.

We wish the guys there well and look forward to embarrassing ourselves on the course there soon.

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