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The Don

The Darker Side

Welcome to The Don, a refuge for those of discerning tastes who are searching for something just a little bit different... well that's the blurb on their promotions. The Don is a speakeasy in the heart of St Helier and they came to us looking for something unusual to reposition this beautiful bar and give it a new lease of life... and so the venue's alter ego was born.

A Jekyl and Hyde like character who only truly shows his face when the sun goes down. We wanted to find a way to keep the refined, classic nature of the establishment throughout the day but when the lights begin to dim the maniacal character of the Don comes out to play, creating a dynamic, atmospheric environment. 

And so all printed collateral, signage and even walls were overprinted with a second layer of UV ink. Messages that were almost invisible during daylight suddenly emerge under blacklight, shining through to reveal the maniacal messages of the Don. On one side an elegant refined brand, on the other utter bedlam and chaos that hints at a slightly sordid underbelly beneath a sort of Victorian propriety. A engaging and quirky brand that illustrates craft as well as creativity, respectability as well as risk.

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