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Driving the brand

The Potting Shed launched the brand and marketing communications for Jersey based, car showroom JEMEC.

Their presence at Five oaks has certainly been cause for turning heads with an awesome array of vehicles. 

The brand was developed to convey their sense of ‘quality cars for all’ approach and their close family business. Their first year has been incredibly successful and it hasn’t taken long for their brand to resonate in the local market. 

The primary brand represents their staple selection of vehicles, we also developed a brand architecture to represent their subsidiary services to include “JEMEC First”, their first time buyer cars and "JEMEC Electric”, their environmentally friendly cars. We have a temporary website in place and we are looking forward to their fully integrated web presence in the near future. 

Erica, Charles and their family have been pivotal in driving the brand forward especially with their considered social campaigns, we wish them the best for the future of their business.

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