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Be Wellthy

Well, Well, Well.

What better time of year than January to talk about Wellbeing. A time when we all stop drinking, eating McDonald's, we start activities like yoga and book 10 sessions of Personal Training. There is one thing that is always missing from the ‘Wellbeing’ suite of services and that is advice and support around people’s relationship with money.

Be Wellthy’s focus and energy is to give advice and support with money matters. What’s more they will also cover the more traditional areas of wellbeing, namely mindfulness, nutrition and fitness, all in combination with your relationship with finances.

Often money can be overlooked as a trigger for anxiety and fear, however as part of the program under Be Wellthy, you’ll find many ways to be supported.

Potting Shed have supported through brand, digital and we’re also encouraging companies and individuals to get in touch with Be Wellthy to see how their business and people can benefit.

Have a Wellthy 2020 all.

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