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It's not TEDEX… but you never know!

All initiatives start somewhere and in TEKEX’ first year of running it has some fantastic responses and outcomes. TEKEX was largely born from our MD in Jersey, Ed Prow with the support of the studio. It was a response to his journey with that hat on, meeting amazing start-ups and scaling businesses along side some more senior business types. Both seemed to be singing a similar song: Tech start-ups wanting to connect with mentors, funding, tech heads and the senior business types interested in connecting with other opportunities. Hence TEKEX. 

It ultimatley, stands for Tech Exporters but there can be many interpretations. 12 months in and it has grown to a staggering 200 base of individuals, made up of entrepreneurs, business people, innovators and dare I say the swear word… disruptors. (sorry not a fan of this label!). 

What’s more, it has delivered 13 events, innovative speakers from Adam Brown at Jersey Finance to the Ex-head of the US Marine Core and a digital data visualisation firm bought by The Economist to Fintech start-ups in Jersey. It has been responsible for successful investment, 3 new hires and numerous contracts successfully negotiated.

It has also had incredible support from Ogier and Smith & Williamson who offer advice and space to present from. We clearly welcome any future connections here too.

Safe to say Ed is very ‘Prowed' (Ahem - apols) and the studio have helped support its growth to where it is. Where will it go? Who knows, but right now we (and we hope our following) are enjoying what it is presenting in Jersey.

2020 is already shaping up with some ace speakers, so do contact us if you’d like to be part of this movement.

As for the Ident… we do like our negative space arrows… but hey that’s because we love a logo here. (PS Thanks for the inspo FEDEX)!

If you’re keen to learn more email [email protected]

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