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Void Acoustics

Hear, Feel, Connect.

If you’ve been to Ocean Beach in Ibiza, or seen Deadmau5 live on tour, you might have seen the unmistakable other-worldly forms of Void’s signature speakers. Void Acoustics is possibly our coolest client - it’s not often you get to work with a founder-owned business that is a leader in its field, and these guys make club sound systems for goodness’ sake… Very cool.

The first port of call in any quality product website is to let exceptional photography do the talking. We briefed an entirely new set of assets for every product in the Void line-up, the result being some breath-taking eye candy. The images give a true snapshot of the quality and craftsmanship of these functional sculptures.

The UX of the site makes it easy for a range of users to find exactly what they are looking for through a number of different journeys. Dealers, purchasers, and fans alike can experience and investigate the Void ecosystem with simplicity and coherence across all devices.

The site is tied together with engaging copy and clear key messages, mixed with beautiful lifestyle photography of parties, venues and events that give every site visitor a taste of what it’s like to be in the same room as these awe-inspiring systems.

Void Acoustics now boasts an online platform that speaks with the same voice as its products, and that’s something to be loud and proud about.

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