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Health Improvement Commission

A Healthier Life for our Islands

The Health Improvement Commission are a local charity with a mission to empower, enable and encourage islanders to live healthy lives throughout the Bailiwick. When they approached us to tackle their brand system and all things digital - we were on it like buttery fudge... whoops, I mean - soy lettuce sprinkled in shaved avocado skin.

Targeted focus, knowledge and communication are at the very heart of the Health Improvement Commission's approach. The commission is made up of 4 sub-brands; Eat Well, Be Active, Healthier Weight and Substance Use. 

The design required an encompassing approach, as opposed to a hierarchical one - with each category given equal importance, working together to create a healthy life. The icon echoes the importance of open dialogues and information through referencing conversations and provided the perfect visual to categorise each unique section. 

With brand sign off, we tackled the website, social media toolkit, business cards and more to bring this worthwhile initiative to life. Great project, with a great client - time to celebrate with more soy lettuce sprinkled in shaved avocado skin...

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