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Guernsey Arts

Guernsey Arts

Guernsey Arts was launched in 2008 with the intention of providing a strong, identifiable voice in the community, raising public awareness, and promoting the value, relevance and importance of the arts. In 2020 they came to Potting Shed looking to develop their brand.

The first conundrum to solve was adjusting the brand for the new name with Guernsey Arts having changed from Guernsey Arts Commission. The obvious issue here is that we were dealing with one very short word and one very long one so abbreviating Guernsey to GSY seemed the simplest way to both balance the identity and give the brand a colloquial feeling. The existing icon was strong so rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water we designed a supporting logotype based on that form.

This brand needs to sit alongside a myriad of different works of art, from sculpture to photography and more, and effectively promote these works without grandstanding or getting in the way. When it came to the rollout of the brand we wanted there to be two voices; the first should be clear and informative and the second playful and energetic, but the logo was to be front and centre of both, a character in its own right. From a library's worth of 3D renderings to doodles framed by the icon, there is always a sense of creativity and play in keeping with a subject that should always understand its power but never take itself too seriously.

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