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Food for Fort

Fort... concise, to the point, evocative and strong. That's a pretty good starting point for a brand whatever the service offering, but only as long as the client is prepared to come along for the creative ride... Fortunately, the team at Fort is exactly as bold as their name suggests and they embraced the process at every stage. 

As one of the top offshore trust and corporate services providers, excellence is at the heart of Fort's offering. They have cultivated trusted and enduring relationships with both industry professionals and clients by consistently delivering adaptive, high-quality financial services. 

Fort needed a brand that was precise and technical, intelligent and flexible; but one that could also show how tailored their approach can be to find the right solution for their clients. We needed to align Fort's excellence with their perception.

The apparent simplicity of the solution belies just how intricate and flexible it can be as it is expanded across the brand. The base icon is created from a 5 x 5 grid of squares that form a solid symmetrical simulacrum of a fort. Squares within squares hint at stability and strength. 

Rather than being a rigidly fixed solution, however, this grid can be manipulated to create an almost endless combination of resulting forms that delineate areas of business, create repeat patterns or even identify individuals. The business appears established and traditional while embracing its independent ownership, dynamic nature and truly personal focus. 

Once this basic framework was in place we used it as the heartbeat for the entire brand ecosystem, rolling it out across media, print, animation and web. The result is a brand with structure, a brand with integrity and a brand that is built to last ... just like any good Fort... Now THAT's brand alignment.

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