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Construction time again

Concept to completion - need we say more about C2C's offering? This Jersey-based, details-focused construction firm works closely with their clients at every stage of the build process, from the earliest conceptualisation of a project, through planning and implementation, right up to giving you the key for the front door at completion. C2C connects the construction dots from concept to completion.

C2C required a brand that reflected the team's intelligence and systematic approach to every step of the construction process. There is huge flexibility within the system we created, which allows various elements of the collective marque to be used according to context. 

The symbol of three circles that progress from partially formed to whole refers to the journey from concept to completion, and also directly refers to the three characters in the abbreviated version of the name. The brand is concise, legible and methodical, while also conveying a high level of technicality and precision. The supporting colour suite also allows more specific delineation according to the business sector or discipline and gives the brand an additional vibrance and contemporary sense of play. 

This is a no-nonsense brand that can focus on delivering information in the most effective, direct and succinct way possible - a direct parallel to C2C’s business offering.

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