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Dot and Tom

Blanket Coverage

So many of the brands we create are for somewhat abstract offerings, in other words services rather than physical products that you can feel and touch. Of course each and every job creates its own challenges, but when a client comes to you with such an aesthetically beautiful product, it is a real pleasure to build a brand to embody it.

Dot and Tom make incredibly beautiful cashmere blankets and home accessories. It was a pleasure to see how they have taken the brand we made for them and literally woven it into their products. 

From the logotype to the brand illustrations, the identity was constructed from three simple primary shapes: squares, semi-circles and right-angled triangles. These simple forms create a rhythm throughout the identity and the basis for an easily extendable brand vocabulary. The playful forms are reminiscent of children’s building blocks and with them we created an initial stable of illustrations which have since been carried into the fabrics themselves.

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