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Combining nature's beauty with yours

For thousands of years, we have been drawn to the sea for its abundance and beauty. Inspired by its bounty, Maiiro has harnessed the power of the ocean to combine nature's beauty with yours, creating a collection of organic seaweed cosmetics.

After a long road of research and development, Katy Rowe has launched Maiiro to the world.

Born from Katy's desire to help skin look and feel better, we were lucky enough to be involved right from the start with the nomenclature, which was derived from the Guernésiais (Guernsey French) word for sea.

From there we developed a logo to reflect both strength and elegance in the world of cosmetics which is offset with hand script typography that harks back to its organic roots.

Katy then did the hard work of sourcing packaging that would combine a clinical high end look with earthy and organic elements, everything from glass to wood and even cardboard derived from seaweed pulp, uniting a range of materials for a unique style.

We were aligned with Katy's thinking to produce clean and specialist print on the packaging using frosting techniques and foils that reflect the shimmering beauty of the underwater world. Business cards and launch invites were also luxurious with hot foils and blind embossing on thick pulpy stock.

Photographing on subtle textures and dressed with seaside elements and ingredients to compliment the clinical and natural design of the packaging was a labour of love. The inherent difficulties of shooting reflective materials with a desire to maintain natural in camera realism was over come with fastidious patience.

Scripting, storyboarding and shooting the video had its own challenges, requiring aerial and underwater footage of Guernsey's beautiful coast when seasons, tides and weather aligned.

With an ecommerce website also developed in-house, Maiiro has been a superb example of developing and collaborating on all aspects of a brand from inception to sales.

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