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"Whole-ly" Trinity

After being let down by a string of UK agencies, the fine fellows from Augusta Ventures in London contacted us on Christmas Eve wanting to instruct an agency that could develop a brand and strategically help them to deliver their product to the legal market place.

Their product offers incredibly fair and flexible financial support to dormant and previously unconsidered litigation cases for law firms and businesses in general.

We assessed their company and its needs and put a plan of attack in place. We named their product 'Trinity' (named after the three attributes of prompt, equitable and affordable, as well as the three founders of the business) and went about developing a set of marketing assets that would allow them to not only demonstrate the power of Trinity, but also introduce their brand and company ethos to their key market-place.

We developed the brand image, literature, advertising strategy and online presence. We are developing a range of other marketing assets for them, as we speak, which is aided by the open-minded and extremely trusting nature of the key principles and Directors of Augusta.

Watch this space for future developments as these guys don't stand still for long.

Author Potting Shed