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Form Your Own Opinion

We were very lucky to work with a brilliant creative James Haslam on his new company brand project within the Paul Haslam kitchen space.

The new brand covers a more modular approach to kitchens, whilst maintaining the flawless standards of Paul Haslam. We devised the name ‘Form’ for James as it felt like an appropriate descriptor, which was as literal as it was abstract which for us represented the flexibility and modification to the process.

Nothing says modular and adaptability more than a square…of course!! So we developed a repeat pattern square design that is supported by the bold structures from the 'FORM.’ typography. This typography is based on DIN again a solid almost utilitarian German font that when at first looks solid and unmoving is quite the opposite and is versatile in it’s treatment, when we break apart the form into the squares.

Contemporary, friendly, clean and sophisticated and an absolute joy to work on with James.

In the very process of naming we made sure that the simplest URL would be available for him. Do get in touch with him if you’re in the market for a new kitchen, I’ve seen them and they are special...

Author Potting Shed