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30 Bays in 30 Days

For 7 Years, part of our CSR initiative has been to support the beautiful brain child of Lizzie Stonebridge, 30 Bays in 30 Days. We have supported with all brand, marketing and digital aspects. We introduced the program to Jersey 5 years ago and it is truly heart warming to see how it has, and continues, to engage so many people and present so many health benefits. There are numerous feel good stories with people discovering new aspects and bays on their island, whilst actively swimming in our crystal clear waters. It is humbling to see this become an annual institution in both islands and during Covid it provided many people with a natural fitness focus.

What’s more we have received news today that Jersey managed to raise £26,000 in the 2020 30 Bays month of July and £46.5k was raised in Guernsey. This goes such a long way to contributing to the funding of local charities Les Bourgs Hospice, Jersey Hospice and National Trust for Jersey - Well done Guernsey and Jersey.

A few words from Lizzie...

"30baysin30days 2020 for me was summed up in two words…..positively overwhelming. This year has been a difficult year for all charities but now that I work for the Hospice the true impact and importance of this type of fundraising event really hit home when we went into lockdown and we had to withdraw or cancel plans for events being held. This was at a time when our other key income stream also stopped as we were unable to keep the doors of our charity shop open so it really was a worrying time. Thankfully the 30baysin30days event was the kickstarter to a successful few months of fundraising for the Hospice.

In Guernsey we were fortunate that the Politicians recognised both the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of sea swimming and clearly stated permissions in the lockdown rules for it. This gave us hope that even if we had not emerged from lockdown by July we could still run an adapted version of the event. A detailed submission was made to the States of Guernsey and we were incredibly excited to launch registrations with a socially distanced version (albeit with additional regulations and the much loved cliff-based beaches off the list). Fast forward a couple of weeks and we couldn’t believe our luck with full restrictions being lifted with just a couple of weeks to go before the event started which then enabled us to run it in its original form (the gem of the often undiscovered Marble bay was back on the list along with places like Petit Port and Jaonnet which people only venture to during 30bays!). Plans went into overdrive for maps to be printed and registration packs distributed and what was overwhelming was the number of sign-ups – they just kept coming, and coming with over 1400 people in total which was more than 600 than the previous record set in 2018.

We fully appreciated that the timing of the event was completely fortuitous in being able to ride on the intensity of people’s desire to just get outside, live more, do more and maximise their Summer as they emerged from lockdown. Feedback from some families was that they missed being so close and spending so much time with their children and this helped to recapture and preserve those moments together. For other families this was the first Summer they had spent in Guernsey as they would normally be jetting off to far-flung shores and for them it hopefully reconnected them with their island and gave them a focus to explore. We were also incredibly lucky that the weather was so perfect as this undoubtedly encouraged more people to get in the sea before the event launched so by the time July came they were already swimming much more than they would normally.

...And so to the total!! We have now received over £45.5k which is just incredible and brings the total amount raised since 2014 to over 188.5k. We are grateful to the continued support of our sponsors and always to yourselves for your unending enthusiasm and creative ideas. In addition, a huge thank you must go to everyone who took part and took our charity to their heart by raising so much for us.”

Lizzie Stonebridge - Fundraising Administrator

Author Potting Shed