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How No.8: We Craft Solutions

What makes Potting Shed tick? At the heart of this is our Why but for us to get to that we have to understand our How. How do we what we do and how it drives us?

How No: 8: We Craft Solutions

Beautiful creative work only goes so far. To deliver something that  really engages you need to add some blood, sweat and tears. 

You could say that we’re in the business of ideas, but the truth is that a good idea is only as good as its execution. Potting Shed are in the business of good ideas, executed well. This involves a large amount of problem solving, craftsmanship, communication, collaboration and attention to detail. Firstly, a solution must actually solve the problem, not just be a flex of our creative muscle. A mindset we foster is to continuously try and poke holes in our own ideas and processes before somebody else does, whilst approaching collaboration with the hope that discussion improves our work, rather than acting as a high-five or back-patting exercise. We are first and foremost a design agency, this will never change, but function must match form. Everything we do is beautiful, and every beautiful thing we do works well. 

To us “Potting Shed” is a verb. Something can be a very “Potting Shed” solution, or a piece of our work is typically “Potting Shed”. This is a bit tongue in cheek, but is synonymous of our benchmark standard of work in the studio. We stand out from the crowd because we are willing to push a project to its absolute limits to produce extraordinary work for you. 

Craft is also very practical, and this efficiency is echoed in our operational approach. We label files correctly and in a state for others to pick up, output artwork with the correct profiles, write beautiful code, stick to our schedules and keep client comms organised and clear. 

Thomas Edison said that “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” and he was right. We sweat it out together, seeing projects to completion with the same enthusiasm and energy we started with.

Author Al Mitchell