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Shed Sessions: Tillie Jones

Meet Tillie Jones, Potting Shed's newest project manager in our Jersey studio.

Self-identified as the kicking legs of a graceful swan, Tillie's role is vital in keeping the creative wheels turning. With a passion for learning, a love for nature's simple beauties, and a knack for smart organisation, she brings a refreshing approach to her work. Join us as we explore Tillie's world, delving into her thoughts on creativity, quirky dreams, and her unique vision for making a positive impact.

Can you explain your role at Potting Shed and what an average day looks like for you?

When I try to explain my job to people, I often describe it as the kicking legs of a swan in the water. The creatives being the beautiful, elegant, calm swan, and us project managers being the legs, kicking away. We are one unit, but we work together separately. Project managers are responsible for A LOT; we are in charge of planning, organising, and executing projects within the desired timeframe AND within budget. We tend to handle all communications with clients and use a range of different software to manage this. So, I guess an average day includes a lot of kicking around in the water to ensure the beautiful body that is the swan can carry on elegantly.

Why are project managers essential to the creative industry?

Well, I am sure Pablo Picasso didn’t have project managers running around organising his day for him, but imagine how much more work he would have completed if he did? The point is, the creatives are there to do exactly that and ‘Be creative’, while our job as Project Managers is to enable them to unleash as much creativity as possible with nothing in the way!

What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

I have too many dreams to pinpoint one, but I used to have a recurring dream of a large stone balancing on a single strand of hair. It still bothers me…

What are you currently learning or studying that excites you, whether it's professionally or personally?

Project management! I LOVE learning new skills and keeping my mind active, so I am currently trying to start my project management degree while learning on the job every single day! In my free time, I am also trying to learn to surf but ultimately giving up because I find it so cold!

How do you envision making a positive impact on the world, leaving it a better place in your unique way?

I would love to start planting wildflowers in every green space we have available on the planet. We forget how beneficial and critical the bees and the flowers are! Plus, imagine how nice the world would smell…

Let's have some fun with sports. What do you consider the worst sport, and if given the chance, how would you tweak it to make it more enjoyable?

People will hate me for this, but I find most sports at any competitive level a bit of a waste of time. I find more enjoyment out of watching my Great Dane play with his ball…

Tell us more about yourself. What excites, scares, inspires, and relaxes you in your everyday life?

I would say the simple things in life really excite me, those simple pinch-me moments like sunrises and sunsets, the natural beauty of the world! Sounds geeky, but smart storage spaces and organisation really get me going, and I love gadgets! I am inspired by the older generation and mainly my grandparents, especially their success stories; I think they’re all so wise and have so much to pass on! I would say I am normally most relaxed when I am in nature, and having time to myself after work, with my dogs!

You've been with us for a little while now. Can you share some of the memorable experiences or moments you've had during your time at Potting Shed?

Our team treasure hunt in Guernsey, it was the most fun I have had in a workplace environment, we were all actively encouraged to get out our silly sides and have fun, and it was great! We ended with playing the floor is lava in the Guernsey Studio and won chocolate eggs… Anyone wanna top that?

How do you keep track of everything you need to do? What's your secret to handling surprises that come up in a project?

I would say the secret is just to stay calm, and expect the unexpected… we love our clients, but we don’t share the same brain as them, so sometimes getting to the nitty gritty of a client's brief to be able to accurately understand the project and brief our creative wizards is the biggest key to not getting caught out, however, we all have those days!

Do you think AI will have much of an effect on project management?

I think AI and robots will have a massive impact on the whole world, even when I left school and started working at 15, it became apparent that my hairdressing job would soon be a thing of the past! I suppose the difference with Project Management and many other jobs is the need for the personal touch. There are so many skills needed in project management, it’s not just about organising people and fixing problems, it’s about having a relationship with clients who can trust you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust a lot of robots?

If you could only listen to 3 songs for the rest of your life, what would they be?

You’re beautiful – James Blunt as this song always reminds me of my grandpa!
Avril Lavigne – Skater Boi because this song made my teenage years what it was.
Jason Mraz – I’m yours as this reminds me of being somewhere hot on holiday with my family!

How can creativity change the world?

Creativity to me is what makes the world a fun place to be. Some people don’t think they’re creative, but they don’t realise it’s probably their creativity that fuels most things. What you decide to wear in the morning, what you decide to make for lunch, those photos you take of your dog… creativity lives in all of us, and we all use it every single day. To be creative is to be what? It’s up to you what it means to you, how you use it, and how use it to change the world.

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Author Luke Vidamour