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Celebrating emerging talent: Holly Mitchell

It's always a balance between supporting a student and getting in their way, especially when we see genuine talent and get over-excited by what the student is producing. To Holly's credit, she managed to tolerate our interruptions and go on to produce some truly amazing work.

Holly joined us for a week over the Easter holidays and once she had decided on which brief she wanted to undertake she was like a machine, covering a huge amount of ground in her time with us. She tackled the full range of the creative process, making a series of stylescapes before drawing on these influences to create a range of beer labels and supporting collateral. 

Holly took a pure, bold, typographical approach where she created a personality for each product, gave it a name and a story, and then took the initial letter of each character as the focus for the labels using colour and typographic variety to express character and personality. 

Holly made use of every second she had at Potting Shed and was an absolute pleasure to have around the studio. She has a clear eye for type and how to use it expressively and we really look forward to seeing how she develops this as she continues down her creative path.

Author Al Mitchell