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Real Recommendations | 08

A second round of recommendations from G for when the mood takes you.


Think Like a Rocket Scientist

Ozan Varol - Audible by Amazon

Simple strategies you can use to make giant leaps in work and life. Written by a rocket scientist, this book draws on the parallels pertaining to life itself with regard to creativity and resiliance. From embracing the learnings of failure to preparing for the unknown and exploring unproven paths. A smart and witty take on scientific principles that are a philosophy for mainstream life.

Available here on Audible by Amazon


Artifical Intelligence

Lex Fridman - Spotify & YouTube

Lex researches human-centered AI, deep learning, autonomous vehicles & robotics at MIT and beyond. His long form conversations about the human mind and the intelligent machine are full of mind bending futurism with big hitting guests from various fields.

A particularly heart warming episode was with his father, a world class physicist and chemist, who has incredible stories to tell of his own career and cultural history. Lex takes the opportunity to gently prod at everything from their own father and son relationship, to growing up as a Jew in Soviet Russia's propoganda.

See Lex's episodes on Youtube



NDG Cinema - Netflix

Netflix just dumped a load of NDG Cinema films into the mix, full of cinematic extreme sports. Combining incredible feats of limit pushing athletes with stunning cinematography in wild places, the films follow some of the best in their business down walls of water, rock and snow. From 'Don't crack under pressure' to 'Addicted to Life', the films showcase the epitome of the human drive for self improvement and thrills.

Watch on Netflix



Kenya Barris - Netflix

This mockumentary is a light hearted spoof of Kenya's real life. He takes an irreverent and honest approach to parenting, relationships and materialism with his 'new money' family, leading to some easy watching and laugh-out-loud one liners.

Check it out on Netflix



Ava DuVernay - Netflix

It starts strong with Obama stating the USA is home to 5% of the population, but 25% of the worlds prisoners. From racial inequality to the corrupt nature of privately funded economy boosting prisons, this film explores all that is wrong with the incarceration system in America.

A Oscar-nominated film for a reason, it won Best Documentary at the Emmys, the BAFTAs and the NAACP Image Awards.

Watch on Netflix (or YouTube)


Need You Now

Howling - Feat. RY X & Frank Wiedemann

Australian Folk pop meets German underground electronica for some motivating beats with soothing vocals. The two artists are from opposite sides of the world and genres but their collaboration is a glistening meld of production styles.

Check it out on Spotify

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Author Gareth Rowson