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Leap of Faith

Our Jersey MD was asked to speak at an innovative event at Jersey College for Girls. The event was master minded by Peter Le Masurier their resident Physics teacher. Involving a host of local and international female students the event focused on social entrepreneurialism. The girls were invited to split into teams and devise a social enterprise that impacts the world for good whilst ensuring it was monetisable. The week long program included inspirational talks, mentors and social events. In the context of traditional learning this provided the girls with business and creative tools to make big ideas a reality. There were some incredible initiatives from them all, representing a brilliant forward thinking initiative for Jersey.

Ed’s talk was entitled Leap of Faith (by chance of course!) and focused on the key to making informed and positive decisions in life and business. By the end the entire room was dancing to Jump Around by House of Pain… there were some serious messages in there!

One delegate from the British School of Nanjing responded: “Thank you so much for arranging this amazing programme. It’s honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It has taught me so much about finding my passion and believing in myself. This once in a lifetime experience is extremely unique and I feel incredibly lucky to have come across it.”

Author Gareth Rowson