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Laracon EU 2018

This years' European Laravel conference was held in Amsterdam - the free thinking, cultural capital of the Netherlands.

Now in its fifth year, Laracon EU is a unique international 2 day Laravel event with over 800 attendees; focusing on in-depth technical talks from diversely experienced developers. On a lighter side these talks ranged from the development of a JavaScript Nintendo emulator - to making development fun again with the aid of Minecraft, Aurdinos, Raspberry Pi's and Techical Lego. More serious topics reflected the concerns of Big Data, Advanced VueJS animations and Extending Nova - the recently launched Laravel dashboard solution.

During conference downtime, we even managed to fit in a visit to Banksy exhibition at MOCO as well as a cruise of the canals.

Thanks Laracon EU 2018, the annual reboot of TPS Digital Departments' collective consciousness is now complete.

Author Gareth Rowson