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Holy Molly!

Meet Molly Phillips, the latest work experience student to tackle our fabled briefs. Molly was a joy to have in the studio and created an excellently simple, yet intelligent solution for Swiss beer start-up Winslow Brew Co.

Any designer worth their salt will tell you that minimalism is an extremely difficult creative direction as every element is exposed and on show, perfect balance between type and graphical elements can take years of experience, but Molly executed her chosen route with aplomb, creating a sophisticated yet personal label for the contemporary adventurer.

We were pleased to see several routes explored in her presentation and Molly's confidence in choosing the most simple piece of work as her final outcome. We were also impressed at Molly's entrepreneurial spirit, creating her own baking enterprise in her spare time to exercise her creative and branding muscles. We can testify that the brownies are delicious, but wouldn't say no to a second taste test!

Molly, you're welcome back any time.

Author Luke Vidamour