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Defend Yourselves

Mr Robot, Ashley Madison, Sony… it’s hard to avoid the headlines about the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks. It is, and has been endemic for years and only now are we even beginning to deal with the wave that has long crashed.

Redshield use the term ‘Cyber Arms Race’ with the understanding that security is a long way off catching up with the threats, but they’re doing their best to catch up. The Potting Shed have been lucky enough to be working with Redshield, one of the world’s most advanced systems in defending websites and web apps. Redshield are the world’s first cloud WAF to be targeting 100% vulnerability mitigation through their unique advanced shields.

We had to ingrain ourselves in understanding the processes and involvement of such a company and whilst on the surface seems a rather unexciting subject has been one of the most fulfilling to get our teeth into. We have been developing the brand and website, which we will be revealing soon, however we are very proud to show you our company animation that we have executed for them.

We hope you like and some of the mind boggling statistics in the financial damage of cyber attacks.

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