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Finance For Guernsey

Fairer Finance

Finance for Guernsey is a newly established company which aims to understand the funding issues impacting local people and local businesses as well as the problems facing local corporates and businesses in the finance sector.

The Potting Shed were brought in to develop their brand on and offline as well as create digital marketing material to help get this ambitious venture off the ground. Our approach was to create an open, legible and bold identity with a welcoming and approachable feel. This was then supported by a video campaign that highlighted the virtues of Guernsey and how FFG can create an even better working environment for locals.

There has been considerable talk in The Channel Islands about islanders being unable to get mortgages, which it is claimed is stagnating the housing market, and local businesses being restricted from either launching or growing due to a lack of investment as well as having issues opening and maintaining banking relationships.

Finance for Guernsey has been established to investigate these issues further and identify possible solutions based on real evidence obtained from extensive market research.

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