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World Pro Surfers

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In a sense the WPS has become a victim of its own success in that by achieving its funding goals and objectives there is no longer a function for its website. TPS were brought in to develop the brand and design a true digital community hub.

WPS is the body that represents surfing’s elite athletes and safeguards their interests; their union effectively. As you can imagine with several keen surfers working at The Shed this is pretty much a dream client and when we were approached to renovate their already all-singing all-dancing website we eagerly got our thinking caps on.

The main goal was to integrate social networking into the fabric of the site in an effortless and easy to use manner making it a true community site where the user can gain access to the surfers themselves.

This gave birth to the idea of the Social Hub; a sidebar on the homepage where the viewer can access all the social feeds in the same place (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube and the surfers personal sites).

As the sport is a truly global one it was also fundamental that the content could be translated. The site can therefore be translated into any one of over 50 languages including Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

Our work with WPS included video work and the production of cover mounted DVD's for surf mags around the world.

Sadly the site is no longer live but the quality of the work speaks for itself despite the fact that it is almost a decade old hence our inclusion on our current site.

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