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Doing good, does you good

After winning an award at the Creative Conscience Design competition, and a grant from Digital Jersey -  Uniti is now live across the Channel Islands. A volunteering platform that ties the community, the third-sector and the corporate world together in one sustainable ecosystem - with a singular goal in mind, to improve wellbeing for all. 

Uniti is a new well-being platform that recognises social connections, relationships and acts of kindness as vital for living a happy and healthy life. In a digital marketplace saturated with introspective Mental Health tools, Uniti offers an extrospective one. Built on a philosophy as old as time - that doing good, does you good. 

The platform transforms the volunteering process - making it easier to find, understand and commit to opportunities than ever before. With a real push for promoting group volunteering, users can sign up as individuals, couples, families, friends or any other group including businesses - create their own wall, and start changing the world. The live service clock measures the good achieved, and the hours, minutes and seconds donated, as well as the sectors impacted.

Uniti's free volunteer management platform heavily benefits any organisations in need of volunteers. By streamlining administrative tasks, creating a pathway for volunteer engagement and centralising the needs of a community - we ease some of the day-to-day, and let them focus on what is important.

The corporate subscription package provides companies with a mechanism for CSR reporting and accountability. This allows the private-sector to track, diversify and understand their social impact in greater depth. Opportunities provide great team-building exercises, build stronger working relationships and overall, act as a booster for company morale and happiness. After all, happy companies = healthy companies; improved performance, better productivity, less sick days - these are all benefits of the warmer working environment that Uniti aims to help foster. 

So are you an individual from the community, a corporate or volunteer organisation? 

Do you want to be part of the Uniti ecosystem? 

Contact [email protected] for more info.

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