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True Colours

Some projects are too good to be true - but this is the real deal. When you get the opportunity to work alongside a brand whose values align with your own, the job seems almost effortless. In crafting True's complete brand and digital experience, we delivered clarity, focus, and an invitation to journey towards sustainability together.

We developed True's visual identity with a suite of minimal icons, a distinctive logo, and a strategic digital presence - all reflecting their commitment to guiding businesses to 'True North' in sustainability. 

These branding elements are not mere decoration, but a language speaking of innovation, integrity, and impact. The clean, crisp lines and bold typographic choices stand as testaments to True's role as navigators in the complex world of sustainability consulting. 

Through supporting imagery, colour and language, this work embodies honesty, fosters trust, and embodies the transformative change True is enacting in the industry.

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