Stratton Street

Investing in Oceans

Oceans, plastic pollution and environmental issues could not be a hotter topic and the conversation could not be more visible online. Many individuals and companies are beginning to play their role in the positive impact in this space after decades of pressures. One at the local forefront is our long term client Andy Seaman of Stratton Street. They have launched a ESG fund, Blue Ocean Bond Fund.

We have had the absolute pleasure of helping this project to launch with the advisory help of World Renowned activist and adventurer Alison Teal. Alison’s CV and life needs no introduction, simply watch our videos here and on Blue Ocean Bond Fund’s website. The logo itself speaks of balance and harmony with the recognisable whale icon to represent the fragile state of our oceans. With a portion of management fees going to sustainable and positive ocean impact organisations, this really represents the turning tide of investment. A joy to work with Andy and the team and

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