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Silverback Sunglasses

If You’re Going to be a Gorilla be a Silverback

We started work with Silverback and its founder Matt Watson back in the summer, initially with the naming and branding process all the way through to the product launch and promotion this Christmas. Silverback sunglasses’ extensive range of frames and lenses strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability with lenses every bit as good as top end brands but at a fraction of the price. When the first fully branded sunnies came rolling off the production line recently we were all very excited.

However while production was in progress we had the problem that we needed to start a promotional campaign and website showing a product we didn’t have in our grubby little mitts yet. So we modelled, textured and animated the entire range for the launch vid you see here. Every element of this vid was crafted by The Potting Shed: The music, the brand, the 3D modelling and animation and the editing of the vid that you can see reflected in the lenses of the glasses themselves. It’s been a mission and we have learned an incredible amount at every stage of the process but we hope you’ll agree that all those efforts have been worth it.

With the product finally in our hands we have been able to back all of this up with a comprehensive photoshoot to illustrate just how amazing these glasses are. Summer's on its way guys (optimistic, we know)!

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