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Out & About

Out and About

Out and About is a social enterprise - devised to enhance island life for both locals, and visitors to Jersey. Potting Shed was tasked with giving the brand an identity that reflected the fun, playful and outgoing nature of the product.

It allows you to maximise your downtime - discover new places, attend exciting events and activities, access places to visit, relax or stay, and test the local eating and drinking establishments. 

The logo marque features type literally escaping the box and exploring its surroundings. It provided a simple and bold solution for digital use, and allowed for sub-identities to be created easily under the same structure. 

To help round off the visual aspect of the brand we wanted to introduce Out and About's core purpose - to provide users with experiences. Those experiences are realised through our five senses - and so was born the graphic pattern suite that reflects every human's 5 senses.

The guys at O&A have been a joy to work with and we are certainly grateful to them for allowing our creative process to take a deep breath.

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