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A sustainable brand to match

Our studio is often invited to help communicate important moments of change with businesses and Oak’s was such a positive moment in their journey - we opened our arms to work with them.

Where do you start?

Our process always begins with data and evidence, and we were afforded plenty of opportunity and time to meet almost all of Oak’s people, presenting them all with the opportunity to be heard. We formulated a series of interviews and group sessions to uncover and learn more, all the while searching deep for Oak’s purpose. You just never know what these processes will reveal, but to say what was revealed in Oak was profound is an understatement.

Whilst at a point of change it showed us just what Oak had already achieved, unlike many other companies. The richness of safety, inclusion, and purpose that all people felt was powerful. To that end, coming out of the research sessions and into getting onto our design tools we felt confident of where this brand needed to point.

The Oak Eco-system

We delivered a brand narrative to Oak that emphasised how all their people together behave much like the micro workings of a tree and therein a forest. Be it the sturdy trunk, the protective bark, the new shoots or fruits from a tree all the way to its solid and well-founded roots. All these analogous moments pointed to a rather serendipitous new Oak Group.

Whilst a tired metaphor for growth in this sector it was impossible for us to avoid, as you can clearly imagine. How, therefore, do you take this historic messaging and turn it into the true dynamic, connective world that Oak represents. For us we needed to present Oak’s world and its change, we needed to show how its sustainable strategy turned itself into purposeful visuals and language.

We presented Oak’s forest eco-system (build in Cine 4D) and it landed straight away. We were able to present not only their green credentials and messaging, but also their social and business performance all in one world. We built the forest into their logo with key messages and nuanced figures to show the human and environmental touch points of their business. As you fly through their world you have infinite perspectives and journeys to go through all the while tying the experience back to their core identity. The Oak Eco-system can be added to over time so it is a truly living, evolving entity. This gives Oak a creative asset that can be reframed, animated and altered through lighting and texturing in infinite ways, lending their brand a sense of flexibility and play while delivering meaningful messaging.

We were also fortunate to be able to film the entire research process which we have turned into an evidence-based approach to the work, whilst also shooting all their dedicated and vibrant people to champion them further.

As a case study for Potting Shed, this hits all the good feels and when working with a business who truly know who they are and willing to collaborate with creative minds it really does deliver stand-out results.

Check out Oak's website we designed here:

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