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A Milestone for Community Innovation

Potting Shed had the honour of branding Milestone, an inspiring new not-for-profit Community Interest Company that empowers local communities to take control of development opportunities. We crafted a vibrant brand, dynamic visual identity, and an intuitive, user-friendly website to beautifully reflect their core values and transformative impact.

We started by deeply understanding Milestone's mission and vision, ensuring their new brand identity would resonate with their audience. The logo, designed around the concept of structure and form, features the initial 'M' integrated into a cube, symbolising the process of construction and growth. The use of monoline forms in the logotype ensures the brand appears open and approachable, while the vibrant orange colour palette conveys an intelligent, progressive, forward-thinking brand.

The new Milestone website is a central hub for information, resources, and community engagement. With intuitive navigation, engaging content, and a responsive design, the website ensures visitors can easily access the support they need. By establishing their brand, visual identity, and online presence, we are proud to have helped Milestone connect with the community and enhance their ability to make a positive impact.

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