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Les Bourgs Hospice

In The Beginning

Andrew Mitchell House is a truly amazing institution and one The Potting Shed is very proud to be associated with. We were approached late in 2010 with the task of producing a book to document how Andrew Mitchell House first started.

The book needed to not only document the history of the building but also that of a handful of people who were instrumental in the early days of Andrew Mitchell House. Of course thousands of people have helped make The Hospice what it is today so the first job was to draw up the list of those to be photographed and undertake a hectic 3 week shoot schedule in locations all over the island.

These locations were all chosen by the subject as places where they felt relaxed or that added to the context of their story. The stories each individual brought to the book were incredible and every one without exception were generous with their time in often difficult conditions during the shoots.

One of the goals of the shoot was to create empty spaces in the shots specifically for running type over the image, making it easier for the end reader to connect the content with the image emotionally, as opposed to the traditional approach of type on one page and image on the other where the two elements always feel somewhat divorced from one another.

Written, art directed and designed by The Potting Shed, this stunning book is available from The Guernsey Press, The Lexicon and The Hospice Store, it costs £14.99 and EVERY penny goes to help the new rebuild of Les Bourgs. We are very proud of it and very humbled by the subject matter. So if you like what you see here please either go and buy a copy or contact us here and we can help you get your hands on one.

The cause could not be a more worthy one.

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