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KIMS Microfinance

Socio-economic Somali

When you say Somali, financial institutions are probably not the first thing you think of. However, in a country with a long history of socio-economic problems there is a desperate need to have financial institutions in place to support small business as they get back on their feet.

Kaah International Microfinance Services (KIMS) was launched in 2014 as Somalia’s first and only privately-owned microfinance institution. KIMS operates on a commercial basis providing enterprise financing services to low income but economically active Somalis and Somali small businesses. So all in all a great thing, helping people with nothing but their drive to succeed to get their fledgling businesses off the ground.

The logo itself references bees/hives as a metaphor for creating something greater than the sum of its parts or the pollination of projects through capital and a positive production and cooperation. 

The structure of the honeycomb is one of the strongest in nature and avoids both the “cutesy” or potentially aggressive connotations an actual bee icon would bring. The symbol is supported by a bespoke logotype that mirrors the structures and rhythms within the icon.

In a part of the world where there is little to rely on we needed to create a brand that instilled confidence without austerity; a welcoming face that this wonderful business can present to Somalian citizen's.

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